Monday, December 30, 2013

Sleep Deprivation and The Atlantic Article

Wow! A personal blog post. I guess this old thing's not quite dead.

Anyhow, this is an important read: this detailed piece on The Atlantic about sleep deprivation, which was a revelation. I've heard about the effects of chronic sleep deprivation for  while-,and I knew I experienced a number of them regularly--but this really drive home.

"Social jetlag" is something that has affected me my entire life, and worse since computers and smartphones. It's clear that I need to take better care of myself weight-wise, exercise-wise, and apparently also sleep-wise. I wonder if the rise in ADHD diagnosis is not in part affected by a world in which ubiquitous glowing screens (for kids as well as adults) disrupt sleep cycles. Are we ALL getting less sleep than we were before?

I wonder if I start just getting more sleep if I'll have more drive and focus? Will I lose weight? Will my blood pressure go down? Will I be more calm?

I am pretty sure lack of sleep has affected me over the years. I know that despite always having a certain amount of trouble getting to bed on time, even as a kid, that it's gotten far worse the last ten to fifteen years, and acutely so the last few years.

What about you? Do you get more sleep or less sleep than you did five years ago? Ten years ago? Twenty if you remember that far back?

Do you think it's affected your focus, mental health, and/or physical health?

I shy away from New Year's resolutions, but wonder if striving to get more sleep in 2014 is not going to help a lot of other things fall into place.


  1. What an amazing article. Your link does not work, but I was still able to find the article:

    1. Thank you! I'm not sure what happened. I'll update it how and we'll see.

  2. Ok. I think it's working now. Let me know if it's not. This proves my point about lack of sleep, hm? ;)